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This week: Frescoes by Ouida (update: sold out!)

books with covers made of rough chipboard paper, showing cover title "FRESCOES etc. Dramatic Sketched by OUIDA" with the work "pseud." written in cursive next to the name "OUDIA". On one of the books can be seen a glimpse of a vibrant pink paper inside the front cover before the book's actual pages.We’re beginning book production again, at reduced speed like everything else these days. We will be in the studio once a week to make a short run of a book from a public domain work, government document, or bootleg file. All of these will be books we haven’t made before and are probably not likely to make again — once they’re gone (at a very reasonable price plus shipping), they’re gone. Whatever small amount of money is left over after production and shipping will go to frontline groups serving vulnerable people in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver.

Frescoes, Etc.: Dramatic Sketches is a collection of short plays by Ouida (Marie Louise de la Ramé), a prolific English novelist of the late 19th century. She was immensely popular in her time, and perhaps as well known for her lavish lifestyle and cultivation of celebrity as for her writing, both of which were considered scandalous and even dangerous by guardians of public morality. Her best-known novels, A Dog of Flanders and Under Two Flags, have each had multiple film adaptations.

Frescoes includes the play Afternoon, in which an aristocrat discovers that the woman he loves and plans to marry is in fact someone he had treated cruelly many years before, and is confronted for his behaviour. Softcover, 318 pages, 5×7″, 16pt chipboard covers. We made six copies, $10 each plus shipping.

Sold out.

#MMIWG report available soon

We produced a few copies of the Executive Summary of the Final Report of the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls this past weekend. We’ll be working out a different way to distribute them than we did with the Truth and Reconciliation report, as we had some problems responding to all of the requests for that one. Watch our instagram and facebook accounts, or this site, for updates.

The 2nd Scorpion and Felix Prize

Publication Studio Vancouver is pleased to announce a call for submissions for the second The Scorpion and Felix Prize, a book prize for emerging artists. One artist will be selected by a jury to receive an honorarium of $500 and to have their book published by PSV.

Submissions are due on February 1, 2019

Submissions are open to all emerging artists who have demonstrated an interest in publication as an artistic practice through their work.

Preference will be given to artists who are willing to experiment with the book as a medium while keeping the conceptual and practical frameworks of PSV in mind. PSV will support the recipient to realize their book project by assisting with the logistical considerations for production. In addition to the production of the book, PSV is committed to offering organizational support for the project beyond the publication date. This will include a press announcement, a launch event, and inclusion in the Publication Studio distribution network.

Support from Publication Studio Vancouver

  • Cash prize of $500
  • Printing and design costs of production paid
  • 25 copies of the book for the artist
  • A launch event at PSV
  • Press announcement of publication via PSV’s social media
  • Inclusion in Publication Studio’s distribution network

How to Apply
Applications should be formatted as a single pdf containing all writing, accompanied by image files. Please do not embed images into the pdf (see below). Please include the following information:

  1. Contact Information
    Please include a page with your full name, address, telephone
    number, e-mail address and link to your website.
  2. Description of Project (maximum 500 words)
    Please describe the book you wish to make. Proposals need not be in fully realized form but should be coherent enough to demonstrate
    that the artist has thought through the book project carefully. Please reference any art historical influences and discuss any works that relate to your idea.
  3. Curriculum Vitae, 3 pages maximum
  4. Support Materials

Please include 10 images. They may either be packaged in a zip
folder file labeled with YOUR NAME or else included as a Dropbox link in the body of the pdf

  • size 1440 x 1080 pixels maximum in jpg format, 72 dpi
  • use the following naming convention LASTNAME01.jpg,
    LASTNAME02.jpg …
  • Include an annotated list that describes the images with the
    following information: title, date, medium, dimensions and brief
    description if necessary

All items should be sent as a zip file attachment or downloadable link in a single email to Publication Studio Vancouver, with the subject line BOOK AWARD (YOUR NAME). Emails should not exceed 20 MB.

Unfortunately, due to the expected volume of submissions, we will not be able to acknowledge the receipt of applications, and will only be able to notify the selected applicant.

All book proposals must be sent by February 1, 2019. Any applications sent after this date will not be considered. The selected applicant will be notified by March 1, 2019 with the expectation that work will commence in the spring 2019. The book will be published over the course of a year with an expected launch in the fall of 2019.

The Scorpion and Felix Prize is named after an unpublished comic novel written by Karl Marx in 1837 when he was 19 years old. The inaugural prize was given to Tracey Vath, with honourable mentions to Scott Elliot, Alina Senchenko and Bára Hladíková, Stacey Ho and Elisa Ferrari.

Publication Studio Vancouver publishes books on demand, creating original work with artists and writers we admire. PSV is part of a part of an international network of Publication Studios in other cities including PS Hudson (Troy, NY), PS London (UK), PS Glasgow, PS Rotterdam, PS Edmonton, PS Guelph, and PS Sao Paolo. Publication Studio is a laboratory for publication in its fullest sense -— not just the production of books, but the production of a public.

Dirty Money — BC corruption report pay-what-you can bound copies

Want to read the recent BC government report on money laundering, but you’re not crazy about scrolling through a 250-page PDF? Just like we did with the DTES Local Area Plan, Truth And Reconciliation Commission summary, and the Site C Inquiry, we’re making bound hardcopies for you to read.

At our summer residency we’ll be selling these on a pay-what-you-can basis ($15 suggested). That means you can visit us at the Libby Leshgold Gallery at Emily Carr University (520 East 1st Avenue in Vancouver) and pick one up for pocket money.

Or, if you want to order single copies online, they’re $15 plus a nominal shipping fee. If you want to order a larger quantity for shipping, please email us at and we’ll work out the shipping and printing cost.

Order online:

It’s difficult to put a painting in the mailbox — Summer 2018 residency at Emily Carr University

We’re back in operation again at It’s difficult to put a painting in the mailbox: Toward New Models of Artists’ Publishing at the Libby Leshgold Gallery. From now until September 16th 2018, we’ll be making books in the gallery (located at Emily Carr University, 520 East 1st Avenue) and participating in talks, panels and workshops. We also have some book launches coming up, starting with the launch of AK04, another zine+tape release from Agony Klub.


It’s difficult to put a painting in the mailbox: Toward new models of artists’ publishing

Thursday, Jun 14, 2018 – 7:00 PM – Sunday, Sep 16, 2018 – 5:00 PM

Opening Reception | June 14, 7pm

Join us this summer at the Libby Leshgold Gallery for It’s difficult to put a painting in the mailbox, an exhibition devoted to exploring publication as an artistic practice. This exhibition marks the first iteration of a new programming initiative, laying the groundwork for the future development of a Summer School for Artists’ Publishing. The Summer School will expand on READ Books’ mission to create a platform and social space for experimental practices in publication by bringing leading local and international artists and practitioners together to present exhibitions, seminars, and public events.

This summer, READ and Publication Studio Vancouver (PSV) will host a series of events including workshops, launch parties, panel discussions, and talks. Participants include: Danielle St. Amour of Art Metropole; Jacquelyn Ross of Blank Cheque Press; Casey Wei of agonyklub; Emma Metcalfe Hurst and Christian Vistan of SPIT; Jonathan Middleton of Distribution Office; Ryan Smith of Brick Press; Louisa Bailey of Publication Studio London; Kristy Trinier of Publication Studio Edmonton; and Patrick Kiley of Publication Studio Hudson. During this time, PSV will be making books in the gallery while interacting with artists, students, and members of the larger public. We will present a diverse range of artists’ publications drawn from Emily Carr University’s Ian Wallace Collection, the Banff Centre’s Paul D. Fleck Library and Archives, and from private collections.

It’s difficult to put a painting in the mailbox is a quotation from John Baldessari’s artist book Ingres and Other Parables (1971). The book is comprised of short stories about the art world and our borrowed exhibition title is the punchline-like moral of “The Best Way to do Art”, a parable about an artist experiencing paintings by Cezanne in person for the first time after only having seen them reproduced in books. Although Baldessari’s sentence is from 1971, it touches on key ideas and issues that artists producing publications—be they digital or paper—continue to consider, work or even grapple with such as audience, circulation, and distribution. Lucy Lippard echoes Baldessari’s maxim in her assertion of primary information, that an artist book is an artwork as such (as opposed to a book about an artwork).

Publication Studio Vancouver has been publishing books and projects by artists and writers they admire since 2010. PSV is part of an international network of Publication Studios made up of studios in cities such as London (UK), Glasgow, Rotterdam, São Paolo, San Francisco, Hudson (NY), Hong Kong, Edmonton, and Guelph (ON). Publication Studio is a laboratory for publication in its fullest sense—not just the production of books, but the production of a public.

READ is an ongoing public program of the Libby Leshgold Gallery. It is a social space for the fostering, cultivation, and promotion of publication as an artistic practice and aims to further the discourse around and support the production of contemporary art and design. READ also serves as the bookstore for Emily Carr University and the wider community.

Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for announcements and event listings which will soon be posted.

The Libby Leshgold Gallery gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the British Columbia Arts Council and the Canada Council for the Arts.


Yesterday Was Once Tomorrow launch party & talk Friday March 2

Friday, March 2nd, 7-9pm
Selectors’ Records/Publication Studio Vancouver
8 East Pender Street, Vancouver BC

Join us to celebrate the launch of Yesterday Was Once Tomorrow (Or, A Brick Is A Tool), co-published by Publication Studio and Plug-In ICA, and edited by Kegan McFadden. The evening will feature a brief presentation by the editor, and music by DJ Lyndsay Pomerantz.

Yesterday Was Once Tomorrow is a document of, and writing about, a unique moment in art writing in Canada. During the 1990s, artist-run magazines published criticism, news, and artists’ projects in several cities. YWOT concentrates on six of them: Texts (Calgary, 1989-1993), Flower (Toronto, 1992-1996), Talking Stick First Nations Arts Magazine (Regina, 1993-1994), Boo (Vancouver, 1994-1998), The Harold (Winnipeg, 1995-1997), and Cube (Montreal, 1996-1998). Included are histories, critical essays, indices of the magazines, and a section reproducing 72 of the original covers. Included are French translations of the essays, and a four-colour poster.

Yesterday was Once Tomorrow (or, A Brick is a Tool) first appeared as a touring exhibition which debuted at Plug In ICA (2015), and toured to Artexte (2016) and The Banff Centre (2017). Included, in English and French, is a central essay by curator Kegan McFadden reflecting on his curatorial approach and methodology while the main body of the book operates in a similar manner to the exhibition, consolidating the magazines as content and material. Brief recollections from those involved with each of the six magazines coincide with an index chronicling their output, while covers of every issue are scanned and reproduced for posterity. A prescient essay about the state of art criticism in Canada by Bruce Grenville is re-printed thirty years after it originally appeared, followed by a newly commissioned response from Jeanne Randolph, in addition to artist projects and other poetic excerpts from each of the publications.

$40 CAD

200 pages
with colour poster insert
16.3 cm x 22.9cm
ISBN: 9781927385487


  • Introduction by Jenifer Papararo
  • Foreword by Gwen L. Allen
  • Anecdotes as Research & Letting Things Die by Kegan McFadden
  • De l’anecdote comme matériel de recherche, et laisser mourir les choses
    par Kegan McFadden
  • chill by Charles Cousins (Texts, issue 9, 1993)
  • Memoir of a Texts Gal Friday by Amy Gogarty
  • Souvenirs d’une fidèle servante de Texts par Amy Gogarty
  • Texts (Calgary, 1989-1993) Index
  • This is True to Me by Rob Flack with Ann Dean (Flower “10”, 1993)
  • Recollections on Flower by Ann Dean
  • Souvenirs à propos de Flower par Ann Dean
  • Flower (Toronto, 1992-1996) Index
  • Circle the Wagons by Marilyn Dumont (Talking Stick, vol. 1 no. 2)
  • All My Relations by Marjorie Beaucage
  • Toutes mes relations par Marjorie Beaucage
  • Talking Stick First Nations Arts Magazine (Regina, 1993-1994) Index
  • Kathy’s Requiem by Geoffrey Farmer (Boo 11, 1997/98)
  • Boo Magazine Recollection (English/French)
  • Boo (Vancouver, 1994-1998) Index
  • A coordinatorial from Jean LeMaître (Harold, June, 1996)
  • The Harold by Cliff Eyland
  • The Plug In Harold par Cliff Eyland
  • The Harold (Winnipeg, 1995-1997) Index
  • Pierre Beaudoin and François Dion on Cube [Insert]
  • Bonjour Madame Sagan by Annie Martin (Cube 3-4, 1997)
  • Cube (Montréal, 1996-1998) Index
  • Yesterday was Once Tomorrow, in Covers
  • Art Criticism in Canada by Bruce Grenville (1986)
  • Is Ficto-criticism an Invasive Species? by Jeanne Randolph (2016)

Site C Inquiry Final Report – pay-what-you-can in person or $15 + shipping online

BCUC Site C Inquiry 300 pages, $15+$10 shipping

We now have printed and bound copies ready of the British Columbia Utilities Commission’s final report on their inquiry into the planned Site C Dam. For those of you who are following this inquiry, you probably know that the executive summary and final report were released on November 1, and that the 300-page PDF is available online. Not everybody wants to read a complex document on their screen, so we’re doing what we did with the Downtown Eastside Local Area Plan and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission report: you can drop by and get a copy on a pay-what-you-can basis, or order one from us online for $15 plus $10 shipping (and if you want several copies, contact us directly at and we’ll work something out).

BCUC Site C Inquiry 300 pages, $15+$10 shipping

Scorpion and Felix Prize 2017 Winner Announcement

Publication Studio Vancouver is pleased to announce the inaugural Scorpion and Felix Prize, a book prize for emerging artists, is to be awarded to Tracey Vath. Vath is a recent graduate of Langara College’s Fine Arts Program. She will receive a prize of $500 and her book will be developed, published and distributed by PSV.

Honourable mentions go to Scott Elliot, an Irish artist currently based in Norway, and two Vancouver-based artist teams made up of Alina Senchenko and Bára Hladíková, and Stacey Ho and Elisa Ferrari, respectively.

PSV received many outstanding projects from North America, UK, Europe and Asia. This has led to the formation of our new Scorpion and Felix Series for emerging artists’ publications. The prize winner and honourable mentions will be published together in this series.

Thank you to all who applied and congratulations to Tracey Vath, Scott Elliot, Alina Senchenko and Bára Hladíková, and Stacey Ho and Elisa Ferrari.


The Scorpion and Felix Prize is named after an unpublished comic novel written by Karl Marx in 1837 when he was 19 years old. Publication Studio Vancouver is happy to be partnering with artist Dan Starling on The Scorpion and Felix Prize and on The Scorpion and Felix Series.

About Publication Studio Vancouver

Publication Studio Vancouver publishes books on demand, creating original work with artists and writers we admire. PSV is part of a part of an international network of Publication Studios in other cities including Berkeley, Hudson (NY), Minneapolis, London (UK), Rotterdam, São Paulo, Glasgow, Edmonton, and Guelph. Publication Studio is a laboratory for publication in its fullest sense—not just the production of books, but the production of a public.

Whitney Houston et al launches Wednesday, January 25

Agony Klub and Publication Studio Vancouver are pleased to present Whitney Houston, et al: essays around popular music. Inspired by Bret Easton Ellis’s chapter on Whitney Houston in his controversial novel, American Psycho (Vintage, 1991), editor/author Casey Wei invites five writers to explore their own relationships to popular music, resulting in essays on Marianne Faithfull, MIA, Kanye West, The 2016 Mnet Asian Music Awards, Wiz Khalifa, My Bloody Valentine, Patti Smith, and more by Brit Bachmann,Gabi Dao, Olivia Dunbar, Steffanie Ling, and Karen Zolo. The authors use personal experience to delve deep into the ambivalence of fandom, mythology, appropriation, and appreciation.

Please join us for the launch of this book, the sixth release by Agony Klub, at 8 East Pender Street on Wednesday Jan 25. At 8pm, authors will read from and present on their texts. Refreshments will be served.

Book launch for Tyler Brett: Every Building & Some People in Bruno SK circa 2011

Bruno SK circa 2011Saturday, November 26 2016, 7pm

Join us for the launch of Tyler Brett’s new book Every Building & Some People in Bruno SK circa 2011 at Publication Studio/Selectors Records, 8 East Pender Street, Vancouver BC.

The book is a series of matter-of-fact representations of everyday life in the town of Bruno, suitable for colouring by adults or children or for quiet enjoyment. Printed and bound on-premises by Publication Studio, it is available for the reasonable price of $20, and will be available for online order after the event.

Bruno Saskatchewan is a town of roughly six hundred people located about one hour east of Saskatoon. In addition to all of the public service and amenity buildings, the drawings in this book document every one of the town of Bruno’s shops (all of which were locally owned and operated) as they existed in 2011. Some of the drawings are also of, or include, shopkeepers, or members of the community who were associated with the buildings depicted. Tyler Brett lived on Main St. and worked in and around Bruno for seven years as a carpenter assistant and occasionally as one of the local shopkeepers. Since leaving Bruno in 2013, many of these buildings and businesses have changed ownership, and some of the people drawn have since passed away. This book is a tribute to all of them. Brett now lives in Sointula BC on Malcolm Island where he works as a paramedic and runs The Sointula Art Shed Artist Residency with Kerri Reid, their son Teddy, cat Marvin and six chickens.