Dan Graham and Mieko Meguro

Dan Graham and Mieko Meguro
Dan Saw Mieko in his Dream

This print is a double manga by the recently married New York artists Dan Graham and Mieko Meguro. First, Dan made a drawing of Mieko. Then Mieko made a drawing of Dan.

Mieko Meguro is a Japanese artist based in New York. She works across various media such as sculpture, drawing, and books. Her illustrated books are a hybrid of the English children’s ‘picture book’ combined with Japanese Manga and Japanese watercolour. Meguro is the founding director of 3A Gallery.

Dan Graham’s practice has become a key part of the conceptual art canon. An influential figure in contemporary art, Graham is an artist and a well-respected critic and theorist. His book, Dan Graham Drawings: 1965-1969 is published in Publication Studio Vancouver’s Slade Editions series.

$100 CAD
8.5 x 11 inches
Edition of 50