Rethinking Globally: Poetry after Globalization – A series of readings, screenings and lectures

rethinking globallyAs part of Jeff Derksen’s SFU graduate seminar Rethinking Globally: Poetry after Globalization, Publication Studio Vancouver will be holding a series of readings, screenings and talks. All these occasions are open to anyone interested in poetics and publicness.

June 25 at 7pm – Documentarity and Poetics: Cecily Nicholson reading her new book, ‘From the Poplars’, in its entirety, followed by a discussion on documentary strategies in poetics.

July 2 at 7pm – Screening: Documentarity & Global Labour
—Harun Farocki, ‘ Workers Leaving the Factory
in Eleven Decades’
—Andrew Norman Wilson, ‘Workers Leaving the Googleplex’

July 9 at 7pm – PhD Candidate from University of Alberta, Sean O’Brien talks on poetry and affective labour with reference to the work of Rachel Zolf and Catherine Wagner.

July 16 at 7pm – Louis Cabri, poet and citric (University of Windsor), talks on poetry and abstraction with reference to P.Inman’s Uneven Development.