Lorna Brown: Carets, strike-outs, underlines, circles and dots

Lorna Brown 3

September 13 to November 2, 2014
Opening September 12 at 8pm

Publication Studio Vancouver is pleased to present Carets, strike-outs, underlines, circles and dots, a solo exhibition by Vancouver-based artist Lorna Brown.

Edit marks form a near-obsolete notation system, now that most copy-editing is completed using the ‘track changes’ function of word processing software. Working from a digital scan of hand-written copy edit marks found online, the artist hired a sign painter to interpret the marks in a series of 48 paintings on wood.

Reproducing these marks as ‘oil paintings’ elevates their provisional status as an invisible part of the publication process, and speaks to the history of printers’ ornaments and margin notes of the scribe and the rubricator. For instance, the pilcrow, used to indicate a paragraph break may have originated from a mispronunciation of the French word pelagraphe, while other sources credit its origin as ‘pulled (or plucked) crow’ based on its appearance.


Brown is an artist, curator and writer. Recent exhibitions of her artwork include Threshold (cont.) at the Koerner Library at UBC http://www.belkin.ubc.ca/past/lorna-brown and AdmIndex, an online work commissioned by the Audain Gallery at SFU Woodwards http://audaingallery.ca/projects/lorna-brown/.

Recent projects include Digital Natives, with Clint Burnham, a public artwork commissioned by the City of Vancouver http://digitalnatives.othersights.ca/ ; Ruins in Process: Vancouver Art in the Sixties, an online digital archive of over 1000 texts, videos, films and images http://vancouverartinthesixties.com and Institutions by Artists, involving an international conference, print and online publications, original research and commissioned artworks http://arcpost.ca/conference. Brown was the inaugural curator for the Inside the Library initiative, with Group Search: art in the library, a series of six artists commissions for the spaces and systems of the Vancouver Public Library Central Branch. She was the Director/Curator of Artspeak Gallery from 1999 to 2004

Recent writing projects include Agility in Public, an interview with Anne Pasternak, Director of Creative Time NY; http://fillip.ca/content/agility-in-public, and Haptic: Tegan Moore and Elspeth Pratt, for Unit/Pitt Projects and Publication Studio Vancouver.

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