Christian Mayer: Quest for Fire - Language
Elizabeth Fischer: Orphans & Dogs
ASL: Rock and Roll Meeting
Myfanwy Macleod: Whole Lotta Love
Kay Higgins: How to Look at a Vancouver Special
James Hoff: Every Second One Hundred Bolts of Lightning Strike the Earth
Cadine Navarro: Fifty-Five Homes
Hyung-Min Yoon: Backwards Metamorphosis Library
Shannon Oksanen, Valerie Sonnier, Myfanwy MacLeod: In Search of Lost Time
Lyndl Hall: Latitudes and Longitudes of the Principal Ports, Harbours, Headlands, etc., in the World
Kate Armstrong: PATH, A Generative Bookwork in Twelve Volumes
Dan Graham: Dan Graham Drawings 1965-1969
Oscar Wilde: The Critic As Artist
Robert Dayton: The Canadian Romantic
Helen Potrebenko: Sometimes They Sang
SETUP: Volume 1, Issue 1
Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination: A User's Guide to [Demanding] the Impossible
Gerrard Winstanley: The True Levellers Standard Advanced
Ben Jonson: Natural Progress
leannej: Re-Reading the Riot Act, Cycles One through Five
A. Lyman Phillips: A Bachelor's Cupboard
Unstable Ground
Chris von Szombathy: Esophagus Now
Susanna Browne: Country War Songs
Weekend Leisure: Public Access, 1999 & Beyond
Weekend Leisure: Public Access, 1999 & Beyond (VHS Edition)
Michael Turner: Free Concert
Allison Collins: Rock Lore, Acts Of Persuasion And Perversion
Catharine Beecher: A Treatise On Domestic Economy
Hutchins Hapgood: The Spirit Of The Ghetto
Arnaud Desjardin: Business As Usual
Weekend Leisure Karaoke: List by Artist and List by Song
Tegan Moore, Elspeth Pratt, Lorna Brown: Haptic
Mina Totino: I Look Up (Volume One)
Helen Pitt Gallery: Exhibition To Be Destroyed, Again
Jamie Hilder: Affidavit
Brady Cranfield and Jamie Hilder: Due To Injuries
Urban Subjects: The Possibilities Are
Leannej and My Name Is Scot: Monument
Allison Grimaldi Donahue: Body to Mineral
Tyler Brett: Every Public Building & Some People in Bruno SK circa 2011
Sean Lynch: Vancouver Days
Kathy Slade: Love Poem
Kegan McFadden (editor): Yesterday Was Once Tomorrow (Or, A Brick Is A Tool)