Hazel Jane Plante – Songs of Love, Death, and Pleasure

A book with a vibrant purple cover, displayed against a dark wooden tabletop. The title is Songs of Love, Death, and Pleasure by Hazel Jane Plante. Also on the cover is a drawing of a 1/4" audio jack, the kind you would plug an electric guitar into.

Songs of Love, Death, and Pleasure is a songbook containing Hazel Jane Plante’s song lyrics, and some additional song lyrics by Tracy St. Cyr, the main character/co-author of Any Other City, a novel published in 2023 by Arsenal Pulp Press. Songs of Love hovers between music and writing, and between “real” and fictional worlds. Accompanied by a richly evocative bibliography, this attractive volume stands well on its own or paired with its narrative cousin.

$12 CAD

84 pp.
5×6.75 inches
ISBN: 9781927385630