Shannon Oksanen, Valerie Sonnier, Myfanwy MacLeod: In Search of Lost Time


In Search of Lost Time is a three-volume set, co-published with UNIT/PITT Projects, contained in a durable transparent case. Volume One, In Search of Lost Time, is a critical work by artist/curator Myfanwy MacLeod examining the relationship between memory and lost, or “wasted”, time, with detours through surfing, bureaucracy, art, and play. Volume Two, Footsteps in the Snow, is an artist’s book by French artist Valerie Sonnier, adapting her ghostly film of the same name into a fractured but evocative pictorial narrative. Volume Three, School’s Out, is an artist’s book by Vancouver-based artist Shannon Oksanen that is a personal meditation on summer, beachcombing, surfing, and the music that goes with it all. With debossed covers, in a stylish, re-closeable case. This publication originally accompanied the exhibition Shannon Oksanen and Valerie Sonnier: In Search of Lost Time, curated by Myfanwy MacLeod, presented by UNIT/PITT in September 2012.

$50 CAD

Three softcover volumes in durable transparent box
50 pp. (vol 1), 84 pp. (vol 2), 92 pp. (vol 3)
4.75 x 6.75 inches (each volume) 
Box Dimensions: 7 x 5 x 2 inches
ISBN: 9781927394113