Weekend Leisure Karaoke: List by Artist and List by Song


Weekend Leisure Karaoke: List by Artist and List by Song is a two-volume collection of found karaoke songs compiled by Weekend Leisure. Part artist book, part functioning karaoke catalogue, the book represents WL’s growing list of songs and original karaoke videos. The list is continually put to use in WL’s performances, and as the group acquires new songs and produces new videos, Publication Studio Vancouver will publish updated editions and variations to reflect these changes.

Weekend Leisure is a Vancouver-based artist collective made up of Curtis Grahauer, Pietro Sammarco, Christy Nyiri, Erich Gerl and friends. Since 2006, WL has been crafting karaoke videos, performing live, DJing karaoke, and recently they began producing a local cable network television programme.

$20 CAD

160 pp.
5.5 x 7.5 inches
ISBN: 9781935662181