Weekend Leisure: Public Access, 1999 & Beyond (VHS Edition)

The Public Access: 1999 & Beyond VHS edition provides collectors with an attractively packaged media artifact, containing all of the video from the original project at UNIT/PITT Projects, bonus trailers and extras, AND the Public Access: 1999 & Beyond book: a valuable addition to any culturally sophisticated library.  That’s right — a VHS containing video that you can download for free, and bonus extras that will give you a great reason to drop in on your relatives or neighbours that still have a working VCR, along with the book, for only five dollars more than the book itself!  This is an opportunity you can’t pass up – take a step into the future, and backwards into the 1990s, all at once!   

$30 CAD

120 pp.
4 5/8 inches x 7 7/8 inches
ISBN: 9780986709951