Weekend Leisure: Public Access, 1999 & Beyond

Public Access: 1999 & Beyond documents an artists’ television project, curated by Weekend Leisure.  Employing an overarching theme of “science fiction,” the five participants (Angus Ferguson, Kaitlin Fontana & Nicole Passmore, Emmet Hall, Nicolas Sassoon, Hank Bull & Patrick Ready) were asked to produce works that considered the do-it-yourself aesthetic and lack of resources of public access television, responding to its limitations as a medium of democratic creative expression. The resulting video pieces — whose concepts arise from interests in found footage, community theatre, fan fiction, local news broadcasting, primitive computer animation and space travel — bring together individuals from backgrounds both in and out of the contemporary art world. Contains scripts, animation frames, interviews and colour photographs. Co-published by UNIT/PITT Projects in conjunction with the exhibition Public Access: 1999 & Beyond.

$25 CAD

120 pp.
4 5/8 x 7 7/8 inches
ISBN: 9780986709937