Building United Judgment, posh edition

Back in April, I said I would be making very short runs of books we hadn’t made before and likely won’t again, for the benefit of organizations providing valuable services in our community and beyond.. This Pandemic Books project has been a huge help to me in providing some structure during these exceptional, anxiety-inducing times.

This week’s book is actually one I have made before, but with the best paper stock, inside and out. For print nerds, the cover is a mid-grey 100# eggshell, interior stock is a very fine pale grey 80# paper, with sheets of iridescent paper inside the covers, and a black ribbon marker. Building United Judgment is one of the inexpensively-produced 1970s books that I love, typeset on a regular typewriter, with occasional line drawings, and printed on 8.5×11″ paper.

The book itself is a venerable and durable guide to finding consensus within organizations or groups, covering philosophy, procedure, and problems that occur along the way. Consensus does not mean, as someone suggested to me once, that everyone is forced to agree. Instead, the process of reaching consensus seeks to forge decisions that everyone can accept, if not agree with wholeheartedly.

Since we didn’t get the expected uptake on our last book, I’m going to ask people who are interested in this one to donate to West Coast LEAF again. If you want this book, write me at and let me know that you have given them a minimum $10 donation, and we’ll arrange a local pick-up in Vancouver (or figure out how to get the book to you somewhere else). West Coast LEAF (LEAF stands for Legal Education Action Fund) is an inclusive feminist organization, founded in 1985, that works in law reform, litigation, and public legal education to oppose gender-based inequalities.

Softcover, 8.5×11″, 132 pages, black marker ribbon.

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