LAURE with a preface by Danielle LaFrance (update: sold out, for now)

This is an unauthorized edition of the collected writings of Collette Peignot, who wrote under the name Laure. This particular edition is time-limited, for sale only during this weekend’s fair, although we may produce a different edition of the same work at some point.

One thing that makes this weekend’s version distinctive is that $10 from the sale of each copy will be donated to help with the daily needs of the residents of Camp KT, a tent city of otherwise unhoused people here in Vancouver, through the K.T. Tent City Laundry Fund.

Laure was born in 1903, and spent much of her adult life involved in radical politics in Paris. She suffered from ill health after a bout with tuberculosis at age 13, and died at age 35 in the house of George Bataille, one of several radical intellectuals who were her peers and lovers. I would try to provide a short description of her writing here but it would be unfair to summarize it, the complexity of her anger and honesty makes my head spin sometimes, in a good way. However, you can also read this edition’s preface, written by Vancouver-based poet Danielle LaFrance, for some insights.


The book fair edition of Laure is done for now. However, we will be making a slightly different version of this book very soon, and we’ll put it back online then!