Pedagogy of the Oppressed plus As Soon As You’re Born They Make You Feel Small

Had a little break from this, but this week I made an edition of Friere’s Pedagogy of the Oppressed with some nice interior papers, hot pink cover, and a dark blue marker ribbon. I’m including with it this anarchist pamphlet about children’s freedom, As Soon As You’re Born They Make You Feel Small. As always, this is a very small run. The first six people who can tell me that they have made a minimum $10 donation to Miscellaneous Productions, a favourite organization of mine that brings youth facing multiple barriers together and supports them in creating and performing shows that centre their experiences, will have a set of these two books set aside for them. If you can’t manage to pick up books from us locally, get in touch and we’ll figure it out. Send email to to request your set or ask a question.

Softcover, 5.25×8″, 182 pages, vibrant pink cover, blue marker ribbon; Softcover, 6.75×8″, 42 pages.