The Life of Albert R. Parsons with Brief History of the Labor Movement in America, by Lucy E. Parsons

For the seventh week of Pandemic Books, we’re making copies of Black American anarchist Lucy Parsons’s book The Life of Albert R. Parsons, with Brief History of the Labor Movement in America. Albert Parsons, her husband, was a newspaper editor, and was arrested following the Haymarket riot in Chicago, and sentenced to death along with five others for the bombing of a police station, even though witnesses said that none of the “conspirators” were responsible for the bombing. Lucy Parsons was one of the founders of the IWW in 1905, and continued to edit, publish, and write for radical journals throughout her life.

If this is your first encounter with our Pandemic Books project, here’s the run-down: for reasons I won’t go in to, we can only use our studio for short stretches right now, so we’re making a very short run each week of a public domain, open-copyright, or orphaned work that we haven’t made before and probably won’t again. The books are always sold for $10 plus shipping, and once the run is sold out, that’s it. Any money left over after we have paid materials costs and shipping goes to a local Vancouver ;organization that is doing useful work for vulnerable people; this allows us to convert our artistic labour into something that hopefully makes a small difference.

Some of the books from previous weeks may still be available. Scroll through our posts here, if it isn’t marked “sold out”, it’s still available to order.

Softcover, 5.125×8″, 322 pages, grey cover with red page edge, $10 + shipping.

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