This week: Frescoes by Ouida (update: sold out!)

books with covers made of rough chipboard paper, showing cover title "FRESCOES etc. Dramatic Sketched by OUIDA" with the work "pseud." written in cursive next to the name "OUDIA". On one of the books can be seen a glimpse of a vibrant pink paper inside the front cover before the book's actual pages.We’re beginning book production again, at reduced speed like everything else these days. We will be in the studio once a week to make a short run of a book from a public domain work, government document, or bootleg file. All of these will be books we haven’t made before and are probably not likely to make again — once they’re gone (at a very reasonable price plus shipping), they’re gone. Whatever small amount of money is left over after production and shipping will go to frontline groups serving vulnerable people in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver.

Frescoes, Etc.: Dramatic Sketches is a collection of short plays by Ouida (Marie Louise de la Ramé), a prolific English novelist of the late 19th century. She was immensely popular in her time, and perhaps as well known for her lavish lifestyle and cultivation of celebrity as for her writing, both of which were considered scandalous and even dangerous by guardians of public morality. Her best-known novels, A Dog of Flanders and Under Two Flags, have each had multiple film adaptations.

Frescoes includes the play Afternoon, in which an aristocrat discovers that the woman he loves and plans to marry is in fact someone he had treated cruelly many years before, and is confronted for his behaviour. Softcover, 318 pages, 5×7″, 16pt chipboard covers. We made six copies, $10 each plus shipping.

Sold out.