Trapp Editions: Love & Ornament

Tony Romano, detail from 'Love and Ornament', 12 inch record sleeve + six 11x11 inch Light-Jet prints, 2006-2014 (Edition of 7)
Tony Romano, detail from ‘Love and Ornament’, 12 inch record sleeve + six 11×11 inch Light-Jet prints, 2006-2014 (Edition of 7)

Trapp Editions: Love & Ornament
5 December 2014 to 14 February 2015
Reception: Saturday, 13 December at 2pm
Publication Studio Vancouver, 222 East Georgia Street

Publication Studio Vancouver is pleased to present ‘Trapp Editions: Love & Ornament’, an exhibition by Trapp Projects/Patrik Andersson featuring work by Claire Greenshaw, Tony Romano, Isabelle Pauwels, Kathy Slade, T&T (Tony Romano & Tyler Brett), Martin Kuhn, Cameron Kerr and Jacques Villeglé. The exhibition launches a new edition Love and Ornament (2006-2014), a photographic “record” by Toronto-based artist Tony Romano.

A subsidiary of Trapp Projects, Trapp Editions is based in Vancouver where it has, since the late nineties, worked with artists to produce artworks that have at their core the impulse to repeat and multiply. While Trapp Editions has produced close to two hundred editions that vary in form from music recordings, photographs, lenticular prints, sculptures and publications, this exhibition presents a selection of works that fit the context of Publication Studio. On display in the exhibition are prints, artists’ books, catalogues and record covers.

Trapp Projects was initiated by Patrik Andersson in 1997 as a curatorial platform on which to introduce local and international artist to as wide an audience as possible while not being limited by the mandates of traditional exhibition spaces. Over the years, this project has led to collaborations with a wide range of people and spaces to highlight both emerging and established practices. Two of the best examples of this collaboration has been the support of graphic designer Judith Steedman and of Dr. Zenon Trylowsky who has allowed Trapp Projects to turn his downtown Vancouver dental office into a temporary art gallery on seven different occasions. Other collaborations have led Trapp to open exhibitions internationally in shopping malls, artist studios, grain silos, museums, artist-run spaces, commercial galleries, books, magazines and boxes. In each case, the characteristics of the particular site has helped to shape the exhibition outcome.

Image: Tony Romano, detail from ‘Love and Ornament’, 12 inch record sleeve + six 11×11 inch Light-Jet prints, 2006-2014 (Edition of 7)

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