Yesterday Was Once Tomorrow launch party & talk Friday March 2

Friday, March 2nd, 7-9pm
Selectors’ Records/Publication Studio Vancouver
8 East Pender Street, Vancouver BC

Join us to celebrate the launch of Yesterday Was Once Tomorrow (Or, A Brick Is A Tool), co-published by Publication Studio and Plug-In ICA, and edited by Kegan McFadden. The evening will feature a brief presentation by the editor, and music by DJ Lyndsay Pomerantz.

Yesterday Was Once Tomorrow is a document of, and writing about, a unique moment in art writing in Canada. During the 1990s, artist-run magazines published criticism, news, and artists’ projects in several cities. YWOT concentrates on six of them: Texts (Calgary, 1989-1993), Flower (Toronto, 1992-1996), Talking Stick First Nations Arts Magazine (Regina, 1993-1994), Boo (Vancouver, 1994-1998), The Harold (Winnipeg, 1995-1997), and Cube (Montreal, 1996-1998). Included are histories, critical essays, indices of the magazines, and a section reproducing 72 of the original covers. Included are French translations of the essays, and a four-colour poster.

Yesterday was Once Tomorrow (or, A Brick is a Tool) first appeared as a touring exhibition which debuted at Plug In ICA (2015), and toured to Artexte (2016) and The Banff Centre (2017). Included, in English and French, is a central essay by curator Kegan McFadden reflecting on his curatorial approach and methodology while the main body of the book operates in a similar manner to the exhibition, consolidating the magazines as content and material. Brief recollections from those involved with each of the six magazines coincide with an index chronicling their output, while covers of every issue are scanned and reproduced for posterity. A prescient essay about the state of art criticism in Canada by Bruce Grenville is re-printed thirty years after it originally appeared, followed by a newly commissioned response from Jeanne Randolph, in addition to artist projects and other poetic excerpts from each of the publications.

$40 CAD

200 pages
with colour poster insert
16.3 cm x 22.9cm
ISBN: 9781927385487


  • Introduction by Jenifer Papararo
  • Foreword by Gwen L. Allen
  • Anecdotes as Research & Letting Things Die by Kegan McFadden
  • De l’anecdote comme matériel de recherche, et laisser mourir les choses
    par Kegan McFadden
  • chill by Charles Cousins (Texts, issue 9, 1993)
  • Memoir of a Texts Gal Friday by Amy Gogarty
  • Souvenirs d’une fidèle servante de Texts par Amy Gogarty
  • Texts (Calgary, 1989-1993) Index
  • This is True to Me by Rob Flack with Ann Dean (Flower “10”, 1993)
  • Recollections on Flower by Ann Dean
  • Souvenirs à propos de Flower par Ann Dean
  • Flower (Toronto, 1992-1996) Index
  • Circle the Wagons by Marilyn Dumont (Talking Stick, vol. 1 no. 2)
  • All My Relations by Marjorie Beaucage
  • Toutes mes relations par Marjorie Beaucage
  • Talking Stick First Nations Arts Magazine (Regina, 1993-1994) Index
  • Kathy’s Requiem by Geoffrey Farmer (Boo 11, 1997/98)
  • Boo Magazine Recollection (English/French)
  • Boo (Vancouver, 1994-1998) Index
  • A coordinatorial from Jean LeMaître (Harold, June, 1996)
  • The Harold by Cliff Eyland
  • The Plug In Harold par Cliff Eyland
  • The Harold (Winnipeg, 1995-1997) Index
  • Pierre Beaudoin and François Dion on Cube [Insert]
  • Bonjour Madame Sagan by Annie Martin (Cube 3-4, 1997)
  • Cube (Montréal, 1996-1998) Index
  • Yesterday was Once Tomorrow, in Covers
  • Art Criticism in Canada by Bruce Grenville (1986)
  • Is Ficto-criticism an Invasive Species? by Jeanne Randolph (2016)