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Kevin Killian ‘Some Woolly Buzz’ for Some Woolly Buzz

Kevin Killian page 1Kevin Killian page 2

Kevin Killian

Some Woolly Buzz, 2013

San Francisco poet, Kevin Killian wrote and illustrated this poem to be presented as a print especially for the exhibition.

Kevin Killian is an American poet, author, editor and playwright of primarily LGBT literature. Killian co-founded the Poets Theater in San Francisco. His novel, Impossible Princess, won the 2010 Lambda Literary Award as the best gay erotic fiction work of 2009. Killian’s novel Spreadeagle is published by Publication Studio Portland in Matthew Stadler’s Fellow Travellers series.

2 pieces, 8.5 x 11 inches each, published in an edition of 50

Fiona Banner ‘Snoopy Versus the Red Baron’ for Some Woolly Buzz


Fiona Banner

Snoopy Versus the Red Baron, 2013

Fiona Banner presents a work that combines lyrics from the1966 song by the group The Guardsmen with an image of the von Richthofen family crest that has been altered by the edition of snoopy.

Banner is an English artist, who was shortlisted for the Turner Prize in 2002. In 2010, she produced new work for a Duveen Hall commission at Tate Britain. She is one of the Young British Artists. Much of her work explores the problems and possibilities of written language. She self-publishes artists book with The Vanity Press.

8.3 x 11.7 inches, published in an edition of 50

Tim Lee ‘Back to Black’ for Some Woolly Buzz


Tim Lee

Back to Black, 2013

In 1967, Ad Reinhardt produced the last of his “Ultimate paintings”. Created at a moment parallel with the nascent Black Power Movement in the United States, the two radical autonomies – one formal and abstract, the other political – are combined here.

Tim Lee is an artist who lives in Vancouver. Working with photography, video, text and sculpture, his work both replicates and reimagines seminal moments in art history and popular culture.

8.5 x 11 inches, published in an edition of 50

Sonia Leimer and Nino Sekhnishvili ‘Eins Zwei Drei, God Bless You Belgium’ for Some Woolly Buzz


Sonia Leimer and Nino Sekhnishvili

Eins Zwei Drei, God Bless You Belgium, 2013

The collage shows an Austrian letter pigeon and the miniscule dot in the distance is planet Earth as seen from Voyager 1 in 1990.

This work is made by Italian artist Sonia Leimer and Russian artist Nino Sekhnishvili and was originally shown at Sekhnishvili’s artist-run gallery in Tifilis.

11 x 8.5 inches, published in an edition of 50

Arnaud Desjardin ‘Business as Usual’ for Some Woolly Buzz

Business as Usual WEB

Arnaud Desjardin

Business as Usual, 2011

Arnaud Desjardin’s poster is based on his Business as Usual book, which was published by PSV in 2011.

Arnaud Desjardin is a French artist, curator and publisher based in London. He describes his ongoing publication project, The Everyday Press, as a ‘channel for collaborations with artists, curators, writers and academics to produce acts of publication to be considered as art works.

Urban Subjects (Jeff Derksen, Sabine Bitter, Helmut Weber), ‘Bring Life to Architecture’



Urban Subjects (Sabine Bitter, Helmut Weber, Jeff Derksen)

Bring Life to Architecture (…), 2013

This series of prints is based on Bernard Tschumi´s Advertisements for Architecture from 1976-1977, remade and remodeled for Vancouver 2014.

Urban Subjects is a cultural research collective formed in 2004 by Sabine Bitter, Jeff Derksen, and Helmut Weber, and based in Vancouver and Vienna.
Together they develop interdisciplinary artistic projects focusing on global-urban issues, the texture of cities, and on civic imaginations.

3 pieces, 8.5 x 11 inches, published in an edition of 50

Gareth Long ‘CPL593H (Remake/Remodel)’ for Some Woolly Buzz

gLong_remake_remodel 20131124

Gareth Long

CPL593H (Remake/Remodel), 2013

The text is from the first song on Roxy Music’s first record, Remake/Remodel.

Gareth Long is a Canadian artist living in New York. His work centres on processes of transference, translation and collaboration as a means to question authorship and the mechanisms of cultural and knowledge production.

8.5 x 11 inches, published in an edition of 50

Colter Jacobsen ‘from Lewis Rist’ for Some Woolly Buzz


Colter Jacobsen

The Best of Art Mutat, 2013

The Best of Art Mutat is part of a series called The Golden Green Selves of Lewis Rist. It’s a drawing of an Art Tatum record cover, like a cover song of his cover (and the mutation begins). Lewis Rist is a name found in a library book. Does he exist or is it a schoolboy pun for loose wrist?

Colter Jacobsen is an artist from San Francisco. His work includes drawings, paintings and installations. He founded Publication Studio Berkley in 2010.

11 x 8.5 inches, published in an edition of 50