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Euan Macdonald ‘Untitled’ for Some Woolly Buzz

Euan Macdonald (Untitled)

Euan Macdonald

Untitled, 2013

Los Angeles based artist Euan Macdonald presents a woolly image with a quote from The Doors. Macdonald’s videos, drawings and sculptures are informed by philosophical, musical, literary and popular references. They often depict everyday scenes while examining landscape, entropy, stillness, noise, and duration.

8.5 x 11 inches, published in an edition of 50

Charlie Satterlee for Some Woolly Buzz


Charlie Satterlee

Broken Fall (Geometric and Organic), 2013

Broken Fall (Geometric and Organic) is a still from a video taken on top of the Second Peak of the Stawamus Chief in Squamish. The artist made a stack of peanut butter and jam sandwiches using a whole loaf of bread. The title is in reference to Bas Jan Ader’s Broken Fall pieces.

Charlie Satterlee is an American artist based in Vancouver. He is an editor of Setup magazine, published by Publication Studio Vancouver, and edits a series of free pamphlets called the Bartleby Review.

11 x 8.5 inches, published in an edition of 50

Christian Mayer ‘Quest for Fire: Language’ for Some Woolly Buzz



Christian Mayer

Quest for Fire: Language, 2013

German artist Christian Mayer made a brochure for his contribution to Some Woolly Buzz. Quest for Fire: Language looks at a ‘teaching’ manual given to the actors of the 1981 film Quest for Fire to help them learn the fictitious indigenous language spoken by the ‘Ulam’, a Neanderthal tribe in the film.

Christian Mayer’s work engages with historical episodes to engage with the present. He often uses found documents both ‘actual’ and fictional, to reflect on ideas around representation. Mayer is based in Vienna.

Jonathan Middleton ‘Black Friday’ for Some Woolly Buzz

Microsoft Word - Rebecca Black Statement 2.docx

Jonathan Middleton

Black Friday, 2013

Rebecca Black’s video for her song Friday went viral in 2011 and was dubbed the worst song ever by critics. Here Jonathan Middleton quote’s Black who states that she is ‘not trying to position Friday as a descendent these works or interests, [Fluxus and Kosuth] but I have to say that I owe something to them.’

Jonathan Middleton is an artist and curator in Vancouver. He is the Director/Curator of the Or Gallery and Or Gallery Berlin.

8.5 x 11 inches, published in an edition of 50

Myfanwy MacLeod ‘Too Old for the Draft’ for Some Woolly Buzz


Myfanwy MacLeod

Too Old for the Draft, 2013

Myfanwy Macleod found a Xerox of this poem in an old Playboy magazine while doing research for her series of Dorothy Stratten origami works. The authorship of the poem is unknown.

Macleod is interested in the way an image or a concept can be altered, transformed or even given new meaning when its context or form is changed. A wry sense of humour pervades her work as it draws on Modernism’s iconic moments and delves into popular culture and the vernacular. She is the 2013 recipient of the Mayor’s Award and is having a retrospective exhibition at the Vancouver Art Gallery in the Spring of 2014.

8.5 x 11 inches, published in an edition of 50

Derek Sullivan ‘Concrete Poem’ for Some Woolly Buzz


Derek Sullivan

Concrete Poem, 2011-13

The text was generated using a free online OCR service, from photos taken with an iPhone of Ian Wallace’s late 1960s essay on Concrete Poetry found in a library’s special collection…. the photos weren’t the best, and confused (or inspired) the software.

Derek Sullivan is a Toronto-based artist who works with artists’ books, ephemera, drawing, and installation.

8.5 x 11 inches, published in an edition of 50

Dan Graham and Mieko Meguro ‘Dan Saw Mieko in his Dream’ for Some Woolly Buzz

meiko + dan wRB

Dan Graham + Mieko Meguro

Dan Saw Mieko in his Dream, 2013

This print is a double manga by the recently married New York artists Dan Graham and Mieko Meguro. First, Dan made drawing of Mieko. Then Mieko made a drawing of Dan.

Mieko Meguro is a Japanese artist based in New York. She works across various media such as sculpture, drawing, and books. Her illustrated books are a hybrid of the English children’s ‘picture book’ combined with Japanese Manga and Japanese watercolour. Meguro is the founding director of 3A Gallery.

Dan Graham’s practice has become a key part of the Conceptual art canon. He is a highly influential figure in the field of contemporary art, both as a practitioner and as a well-respected critic and theorist. His book, Dan Graham Drawings: 1965-1969 is published in Publication Studio Vancouver’s Slade Editions series.

8.5 x 11 inches, published in an edition of 50

Lyndl Hall ‘Everywhere, All The Time’ for Some Woolly Buzz


Lyndl Hall

Everywhere, All The Time, 2013

Everywhere, All the Time is a drawing of all the possible faces of a pocket sundial drawn together. Each face corresponds to a different latitude, and as such it is a drawing of all the different possible times at all the possible points.

Lyndl Hall lives and works in Vancouver where she makes drawings, sculpture and video. Recent exhibitions include Properties at the Western Front and On Fixing Position at the Burnaby Art Gallery. Her book Latitudes and Longitudes is published by Publication Studio Vancouver.

8.5 x 11 inches, published in an edition of 50

Sarah Pierce ‘It’s Time Man, It Feels Imminent’ for Some Woolly Buzz


Sarah Pierce

It’s Time Man, It Feels Imminent, 2009

Dublin-based American artist made this work based on a quote from a bystander at a political protest in Gainesville, FL in 1972. (It’s still time. It still feels immanent.)

Since 2003, Sarah Pierce has been using the moniker The Metropolitan Complex to describe her project, which uses a variety of platforms, including talks, papers, exhibitions, and archives, often opening up these structures to the personal and the incidental. Her work draws on the relationship between 1970s radical practices and contemporary art-making through the re-presentation of historical documents from protests and performances.

8.5 x 11 inches, published in an edition of 50